Walk: Goit Stock wood and waterfall

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Goit Stock Waterfall

Goit Stock Waterfall

Once a thriving tourist resort complete with menagerie, dance hall and café, the beauty spot of Goit Stock in Harden is now considered by many to be a well-kept local secret.

Distance: 3 miles

Difficulty: 4/5

Starting point: The Malt Shovel pub, Harden (circular walk). Please note that the pub car park is for customers only.

WARNING: this walk can be very muddy and boggy, especially after long periods of wet weather, so wellies are advised!

  1. From the Malt Shovel, turn right and cross the bridge, then immediately cross the road and head down Goit Stock Lane opposite.
  2. Continue straight along this road, through the Harden Park Homes caravan park, for about two-thirds of a mile. Take the footpath straight ahead when you reach the end of the car park. Turn right directly before the large Harden Park Homes banner. Cross the small bridge and head right down the stone steps.
  3. At the end of the footpath and up the stone steps, a sign on the right gives a brief history of the area.
  4. Cross the road and turn left. Take the footpath on the right marked as part of the Millennium Way.
  5. Follow the path upwards until you come to a hairpin bend. Turn left and go through the gate, with the large stone chimney ahead of you. Continue to follow the footpath, passing the chimney on your right.
  6. Keep going, through the broken wall, until you reach a gate with a stile on the left. Head down towards the stream and over the bridge. Ascend the slope at the other side, up into the field, and follow the path to the opposite wall.
  7. Exit the field and enter the woods, following the path leading straight ahead. The path will start to rise to the right of the valley. When you reach a fence, cross the stile into the field.
  8. Follow the upper path to the top of the field, exiting by the gate and stile and turning left onto Hallas Lane. Follow down into the woods. You can see Hallas Mill, now converted into apartments, on your right.
  9. At the bottom of the lane, cross the bridge and take the woodland path signposted “Goit Stock and Senior Way” on the left.
  10. Follow the footpath straight ahead through the woods, with the river on your left.
  11. When you see steel handrails on the left ahead of you, you are approaching the top of Goit Stock waterfall. Enjoy the view then descend carefully the stone “steps” hewn into the rock.
  12. Turn right and continue to follow the path through the woods until you exit into Harden Park Homes. You can now follow the lane straight on to bring you back to your starting point.

Please leave gates as you find them and keep dogs on leads if farm animals are present.

Stream in Goit Stock woods

Did you know?

In the 1920s Goit Stock was a thriving pleasure resort, drawing a record crowd of 20,000 one bank holiday Monday in 1927. However, tragedy struck that same evening when the old cotton mill, converted to a ballroom and café, caught fire, destroying both the famous dance floor and the instruments of the Wilsden Brass Band. Things were never quite the same, and “Happy Valley” – as the resort was known – never returned to its former glory, closing in 1932.

Map of Goit Stock

Map of Goit Stock

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