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The latest news from the British Cactus & Succulent Society, Bradford branch.

CactusEven if you missed the Annual Cactus Show in June, there are still many chances to learn about cactus growing, whatever your age, and to see some very interesting and different plants. The Bradford branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society has monthly meetings in Shipley Library at 7.15pm on the second Wednesday in each month and welcomes anyone interested in cacti to its meetings. Branch members are also available to visit groups, introducing people to an interesting hobby.

Work has been done with a number of schools, youth organisations and training centres, when specimen plants are brought along and used, after a little introduction, for various activities. In addition to repotting seedlings and making miniature gardens, the plants have been used as the basis for artwork (drawing, mounting and displaying); making models from plasticine and other materials; for photographic projects, and in needlecraft, where drawings were converted into decorations on a quilt. Usually spineless succulents are used where the plants need to be handled – cacti with spines are for looking at!

If you are an individual, a member of a group or a school and feel that a visit from BCSS would be of interest, please contact Brian Thornton on 01535 274755 for further information. There is also information on the web about the National Society and the Bradford branch.

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