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Guided walk to Low Wood, Riddlesden. By Eleanor Stoyles.

On Sunday 14th October a small group of us started our walk at Stockbridge Wharf, where we quickly sighted a heron. We continued our walk in a westerly direction along the canal. Lots of mallard ducks were seen, including some interesting hybrid ducks.

We also spotted a few different birds in the trees along the canal and the fields to the south of it. Our second heron of the day was seen swooping down low along the canal just before we reached Low Wood, where our party was joined by three more people.

Low Wood itself is a small wooded area tucked away behind the Scout camp. We walked along the path and were able to add nuthatch and treecreeper to our “birds seen” list. Walking up through the wood, we were able to see a badger sett but none of the mammals were about when we were there. We were then distracted from bird spotting by all the fungi, which was very apt as it was UK Fungus Day.


After we explored the wood we were welcomed into Riddlesden Golf Club for a lunch break. As we had let them know we would be dropping in they had made us a very tasty home-made meal, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We continued our walk around the edge of the golf course where more birds and fungi were seen. Once finished with the golf course we made our way back to Stockbridge Wharf via the surrounding farmland. Unfortunately, as we made our way back the rain started to fall and so not many more birds were sighted.

We got back to our starting point, feeling slightly soggy, with a final count of 21 different birds seen.

Birds seen: heron, mallard, moorhen, black-headed gull, crow, starling, wood pigeon, magpie, jackdaw, wren, blackbird, chaffinch, great tit, jay, blue tit, treecreeper, nuthatch, robin, long-tailed tit, dove and pheasant.

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