Misty’s story

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By Allerton Cat Rescue

I’m Misty. Not that anybody but me remembers that, but that’s my name. It’s a name given to me by my lovely owner before I stopped seeing her anymore. It was just a normal day for me. I woke up, enjoyed the biscuits that were left in my bowl from last night’s second supper, and then went outside to play in the garden. I hadn’t been out there too long when I decided that I was missing my breakfast. It was a Friday. That meant salmon for breakfast, yummy! My mummy was told that I shouldn’t have it; it was our little secret. We had lots of those cheeky little secrets: extra treats, cuddles even though I’d been bad, the milk that made me use the litter box too much. It was her way of telling me that she loved me, and I loved her just as much.

Grey cat

When I got inside, my mummy wasn’t there in the kitchen, so I decided to go visit her in her bedroom. The curtains were still drawn. Maybe she needed a little help getting up. Lightly as I could, I jumped onto her bed before padding along it and nuzzling her hand. It was cold on my nose, but I didn’t mind. No matter how much I fussed over her, she didn’t move. I don’t remember much of the morning after that, except backing into a corner underneath her chair and watching while strange people took Mummy away.

Spotting me, one of them picked me up and carried me downstairs. I thought I was going to go with Mummy wherever they were taking her. But I was left in the front garden while they locked up and drove away. The first few nights were cold and wet, but I didn’t move from the front doorstep, even when my tummy started to hurt because nobody had come to fill my bowl.

I only moved when a lady with a cage came and tried to place me inside of it. I recognized her. She used to come and visit Mummy and bring her things to eat. She was the one who told her off for feeding me salmon. I didn’t like her. I scratched and hissed as much as I could until she dropped me, and I ran away as fast as my legs could carry me. The only person who I wanted to see was my mummy, and I was determined to find her. For weeks I searched and searched for where they could have taken her; I grew weary from hunger and muddy from the puddles I would sit in to drink. I didn’t like to – the water tasted so bitter – but it was the best I could find. My side hurt where I was kicked by a passing stranger. I don’t know why, I hadn’t done anything wrong. But he seemed to find it funny as he walked away laughing. It was in that same puddle where I was picked up; my leg hurt from the kick and I didn’t have the strength to fight the person off as they wrapped me in a coat and took me to somewhere they told me would be safe. I didn’t have the strength to fight any longer, but I didn’t believe them. I gave in.

The first thing they did when I was brought to the “safe place” was take me to the nasty place with sharp, pointy skin pokers and scary people in white coats. They gave me a bath, cleaned my wounds and tied up my leg so I couldn’t move it very well. Then they sent me somewhere I was placed in a cage with a bed and litter box inside. The cats that had been there longer than me would yowl and steal my food. I was scared, and would spend as much time as I could backed into the corner of the cage. I didn’t want to associate with them, but after a while they wouldn’t let me stay in the cage any longer. Once my leg had been let free I had to stay in the bigger room. The cats would hit me when I tried to eat some food, and would leap at me when my back was turned. And then the people would come.

Each family that visits look around the room, deciding who they would take home with them. But I don’t want them to take me, and they never give me the attention anyway. I’m older. I don’t have many teeth and my fur is well past its best. So they leave with their new pet, and I’m left behind to stay curled up in the corner, as far away from the other cats as I can get. One day Mummy will come back for me.

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