Local Election candidates announced for Bradford

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Bradford Council today announced the nearly 200 candidates who will be standing in 30 wards across Bradford. The upcoming election will be incredibly important for the Labour Party – who must win 18 seats of the 30 in order to keep control of the Council.

Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems and the Green Party are fielding candidates in all 30 wards with UKIP following with 27.

Elections take part on Thursday 7th May, and coincide with the General Elections to be held on the same day.



Baildon – Joe Ashton (Labour), Barney Lerner (Lib Dem), Robert Nicholls (Green), Mike Pollard (Con), Alec Suchi (UKIP)

Bingley – Lynne Edgley (UKIP), Robert Higgie (Lib Dem), John Martin (Green), Mark Shaw (Con)*, Joseph Wheatley (Labour)

Bingley Rural – Simon Cooke (Con)*, Stephen Henry (UKIP), Kay Kirkham (Lib Dem), Andrew McCormick (Labour), Brian Newham (Green)

Bolton and Undercliffe – Omar Hussain (Labour), Wajid Jahangir (Con), Alex Newsham (Green), Lincoln Stead (UKIP), Michael Stelling (Lib Dem)

Bowling and Barkerend – Dale Deacon (Green), Susan Elliott (Lib Dem), Mohammed Jamil (Con), Brian Jones (UKIP), Imran Khan (Labour)*, Ian Slattery (TUSC)

Bradford Moor – Riaz Ahmed (Lib Dem), Wanda Andre (UKIP), Bob Cannell (Green), Sakhawat Hussain (Con), Zafar Iqbal (Labour)

City – Dawid Blahuszewski (TUSC), Sarah Deighton (UKIP), Shakeel Hussain (Con), Shakeela Lal (Labour)*, Shariq Mahmood (Respect), Tariq Mahmood (Lib Dem), Philip Somerville (Green)

Clayton & Fairweather Green – Steven Cotterill (Lib Dem), Adrian Longthorn (Respect), Peter Mills (Con), Norma Russell (Green), Carol Thirkill (Labour)*, James Vasey (UKIP)

Craven – Chris Atkinson (Ind)*, Val Carroll (Labour), Stuart Ebden (Lib Dem), Jack Rickard (Con), Janet Souyave (Green)

Eccleshill – Terry Pearson (Con), Vanessa Pilny (Green), Nicola Pollard (Lib Dem), Gill Thornton (Labour), Greg Tidswell (UKIP)

Great Horton – Tariq Hussain (Labour), Hashim Kohan (Con), Owais Rajput (UKIP), Mary Slingsby (Lib Dem), Jason Smith (TUSC), Jonathan Thurling (Green)

Heaton – Halima Afza (Respect), Mohammed Amran (Labour), Jonathan Barras (UKIP), David Ford (Green), Mike McNally (Lib Dem), Abdul Qayyum (Con)

Idle and Thackley – Falak Ahmed (Con), Graeme Atkins (Labour), Garry Blackmore (UKIP), Andy Stanford (Green), Jeanette Sunderland (Lib Dem)*

Ilkley – Ann Cryer (Labour), Brian Ford (Green), Paul Latham (UKIP), Michael Powell (Lib Dem), Martin Smith (Con)*

Keighley Central – Kaneez Akthar (Labour)*, Zafar Ali (Con), Gerald Brooksbank (Lib Dem), Ian Dermondy (UKIP), Daisy Knight (Green)

Keighley East – Tom Hebbert (Lib Dem), John Kirby (UKIP), Doreen Lee (Labour)*, Khalid Mahmood (Respect), Mark Startin (Con), James Whitaker (Green)

Keighley West – Cath Bacon (Labour), John Cole (Lib Dem), Nick Farrar (Green), George Firth (UKIP), Christopher Herd (Con)

Little Horton – Amjad Ali (Lib Dem), Nurjahan Ali Arobi (Green), Atif Khalil (UKIP), Sabiha Mehboob (Con), Taj Salam (Labour)

Manningham – Sameena Akhtar (Labour), Margaret Chadwick (Lib Dem), Mark Hudson (UKIP), Mohammed Khan (Con), John Robinson (Green), Mohammed Saliss (Respect)

Queensbury – Lisa Carmody (Con), David Cooper (Green), Lynda Cromie (Ind)*, Jamie Illingworth (UKIP), Rosie Watson (Labour), Stacey Yeadon (Lib Dem)

Royds – Shauna Devonshire (Lib Dem), Colin Duke (Ind), Michael Hunter (Green), Frances Robertshaw-Thompson (Con), Angela Tait (Labour), Lois Wood (UKIP)

Shipley – Christine Briggs (Lib Dem), Ben Pickles (Labour), David Servant (Con), Kevin Warnes (Green)*

Thornton & Allerton – Sue Duffy (Labour), Rob Hoveman (Respect), Helen Marriott (Green), Michael McCabe (UKIP)*, Clive Richardson (Con), Derek Riley (Lib Dem)

Toller – Chris Bem (Green), Amir Hussain (Ind)*, Amjad Hussain (Con), Sharaz Hussain (Respect), David Leeming (Lib Dem), Mohammed Nisar (UKIP), Fozia Shaheen (Labour)

Tong – Matthew Edwards (Green), Tess Peart (Labour), Bernie Pringle (UKIP), Edward Ward (Con), Kirsty Yeadon (Lib Dem)

Wharfedale – Cameron Herbert (Green), Bob Jones (Lib Dem), Ryan Preston (TUSC), Niccola Swan (Labour), Jackie Whiteley (Con)*

Wibsey – Jack Alexander (Green), Ralph Berry (Labour), Brian Boulton (Lib Dem), Jasmine Grant (TUSC), Richard Sheard (Con), Jason Smith (UKIP)

Windhill and Wrose – Susan Hinchcliffe (Labour), Vi La (UKIP), Helen Love (Green), Claire-Marie Parr (Con), Gillian Thorne (Lib Dem)

Worth Valley – Kevin Campbell-Wright (Green), Peter Corkindale (UKIP), Mark Curtis (Labour), Rebecca Poulsen (Con)*, Alan Sykes (Lib Dem)

Wyke – Neil Craig (Ind), Sarah Ferriby (Labour)*, Kevin Hall (Lib Dem), Liam Kernaghan (Brit Dem), Darren Parkinson (Green), Francesca Stefanyszyn (Con), John Worsley (UKIP)

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