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A fabulous time for Sheffield Retired Greyhounds.

In her last article Kate Barrett introduced us to Gracie, who told us about her retirement and how life is such fun after racing! This month Kate tells us about what has been happening over the summer at the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust and introduces us to Chief, an ex-racing greyhound who now works tirelessly to help raise funds for the trust. We also meet Tia, our longest resident at the kennels, who is waiting for her forever home…

Summer is almost coming to an end and oh, what a lovely summer it has been! We’ve had lots of fun and spoken to lots of people about our greyhounds, telling them what wonderful pets they make. We have had incredible interest over the summer and the number of dogs homed has increased substantially as a result.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend summer days at the races and would like to thank the racecourses and the race-goers for their support. Doncaster, York and Pontefract races were all fabulous days out for us and our dogs enjoyed being petted by the young race-goers, as well as the adults! Greyhounds are such gentle creatures and love to be fussed by the children – although they quite regularly have to put up with their ears being pulled or a child hanging from their necks! This is why most of them will fit in perfectly in a home with children.

As well as the racing this year, we spent three days at the Chatsworth House Show, where again the sun shone on us! Wherever possible we take our Retired Greyhound Trust trailer along with us. This is stocked with lots of gifts and clothing for people and their greyhounds. This year we have been able to invest in more and better stock, and as a result have been able to increase our takings through merchandise sales. We have all sorts, from fleeces and walkout coats for the hounds right through to Christmas cards, mugs and tea towels! The trailer also doubles up as a great space for the greyhounds who come along with us, enabling them to find a cool place to lie in the shade and have a snooze!



Pictured above is Chief (one of our regular volunteers!). It’s fair to say that Chief is a bit of a star (and a favourite of mine, I have to be honest!).

Chief was a very competitive racing greyhound and is now working hard to help raise funds for his pals at the Retired Greyhound Trust. Chiefy is now in his teens but works every Tuesday night at Owlerton Stadium, saying hello to the race-goers and asking them to put a bob or two in our bucket to help other greyhounds waiting for their forever home like he once was. Chief has a lovely forever home living with Alison, who is one of our fundraisers. He is also a TV star, having paraded at Owlerton Stadium on a Sky night recently before the racing started! Here he is looking across the race track he once ran around (and probably still would given the chance!). He is regularly heard barking when the race begins! (Look at that face – it says it all!)


As I write this, it was the Great Greyhound Gathering yesterday at Nottingham racecourse. Another fabulous day where people bring their greyhounds from far and wide to meet and compare notes for the day! This is a great idea and can only help us raise our profile. There was lots of fun for families and their dogs, including competitions – just like Crufts! If you have a greyhound, or would like to own a greyhound, why not join us there next year and help us celebrate all things greyhound?

As you will probably recall, last summer was a little bit of a wash-out. As a result our summer events were not very successful and sadly this had a huge impact on our fundraising. This year’s weather has been very good to us and our fundraising has increased as a result. This means we are now able to purchase a dog spa so that all of our lovely dogs will go to their new homes smelling of roses! We are also able to use the spa to generate more funds and will shortly be offering dog spa services to our visitors to the farm. We already have a list of dogs waiting for the special treatment! Watch this space for photos of pampered pooches in the coming months!

This year our rehoming has gone really well and so far we have found homes for around 90 dogs, which means we are almost at our target of 100 dogs! It would be fabulous if we could exceed that target by another 10 or even 20 dogs.



Pictured above is one of our current residents, Tia. She has been with us since December last year and we are desperate to find her a home – we just can’t understand why no one has picked her yet! She is a beautiful black girl with a loving nature. She just loves a cuddle and look what a stunner she is! At three years old she’s just a baby. She walks well on the lead and is very easy to manage. All she wants now is someone to share her life with – could it be you?

If you are interested in giving a greyhound a home, or would like to visit the farm and a take a greyhound for a walk and learn more about the breed, please feel free to give Lynda or Roy a call on 0114 2888 300. We also have kennel or dog sponsorship, which you can find out about by visiting our website:

If there is anything specific you would like us to include in future Bingley Rural articles, please drop Kate a line at or send her a tweet @SheffieldRGT and we will do our best to deal with any topics you would like us to cover, or answer any questions you may have. Kate is the treasurer of the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust and a local businesswoman.

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