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A district wide strike will take place next week amid a dispute between city bus drivers and their bosses. 380 First Bus drivers, who are members of the Unite Union in Bradford, will walk out on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April.

They accuse First Bus of running the bus depot down with the intention of closing it in the near future and the transfer of part of the 576 bus services from Bradford to Halifax with the loss of jobs. In addition, the union adds that there are allegations of bullying and harassment on a daily basis and an attack on terms and conditions without prior consultation and union negotiations.

A last ditch attempt yesterday to avert the strike failed, and the 48-hour walkout will begin at 00.01am on Monday 27 April, concerning staff based at the First Bradford depot on Bowling Back Lane. In the initial ballot on industrial action, drivers voted 89% for strike action and 93% for industrial action short of a strike.

The vast majority of First Bus services operating in and out of Bradford will be affected by the strike, set to affect thousands of Bradford bus users over the two days. The main services which are running as usual, or with minor changes, are services 72, 363, 508, 571, and X63 as well as all designated yellow school buses. A list of bus services which are not running can be found at the bottom of this article.

The regional officer representing the strikers, Harriet Eisner said: “The management has let services wither on the vine over the last four years – for example, the number of drivers employed has shrunk from 470 to 380 in that time.”

“There is a big shortage of drivers with no recruitment of new drivers and this is coupled with the movement of jobs without consultation from Bradford to other towns. This situation is compounded by inadequate engineering of the buses. Many buses are unreliable – the health and safety considerations that this state of affairs raises.”

On their website, First say: “We have been notified by the trade union that their members working from our Bradford depot intend to strike. Right now our priority is to continue talking with the trade union, but clearly we are very disappointed with the situation, and we are very concerned about the uncertainty and inconvenience that this announcement has caused our customers.”

More information about the strike can be found on the branches website at and people are urged to check before you travel. All other operators are running buses to a normal service over this period. It is also important to note that there will be changes to some bus services taking place from this weekend (e.g. the 846/847 bus service is being split.)

Services which WILL NOT be running:

576 Halifax – Bradford (certain buses will be running)
607 Thornton – Holme Wood
610 Bradford – Queensbury
611 Bradford – Pudsey (some early morning journeys will run)
612 Bradford – Shipley
613/614 Buttershaw – Fagley
615/616 Bradford – Eldwick
617/618 Allerton – Holme Wood
620/621 Haworth Road – Bierley
622/623 Scholes – Eldwick
625/626 Brighouse – Baildon
627 Brighouse – Shipley Glen
630 Bradford – Tyersal
633 West Bowling – Shipley
634 Bradford – West Bowling
636/637 Clayton – Bradford Moor
640/641 Buttershaw – Five Lane Ends
645 Buttershaw – Greengates
646/647 Bradford – Shipley
670/671 Bradford – Leeds
675 West Bowling – Cottingley
677 West Bowling – Shipley Glen
680 Bradford – Bingley
681/682 Bradford – Halifax
714 Bradford – Owlcotes Centre
MOR Sticker Lane – Morrisons Thornbury
X6 Huddersfield – Leeds
ALSO The ferry bus between Bradford Depot and Bradford Interchange

School services which WILL NOT be running:

964 Heaton – Beckfoot School
965 Beckfoot School – Bradford Interchange
992 Clayton Fields Works – Thornton Grammar School
994 Odsal – Thornton Grammar School
995 Clayton Fields Works – Thornton Grammar School
997 Clayton Fields Works – Thornton Grammar School
998 Clayton The Avenue – Thornton Grammar School
A2 Great Horton Road – Belle Vue Boys Sch.
A4 Bradford Westgate – Belle Vue Boys Upper School
A6 Contract
A7 West Bowling Parkside Road – Belle Vue Girls Sch.
A8 Bradford Westgate – Belle Vue Girls Upper School
A9 Clayton Fields Works – Belle Vue Girls Sch.
A17 Bradford Interchange – St. Bedes R C Upper School
A41 Oakenshaw New Works Road – Tong Upper School
A42 Laisterdyke Leeds Road – Tong Upper School
A43 Horton Grange Road Legrams Ln – Tong Upper Sch
A44 Springmill Street Ripley Street – Tong Upper School
A46 Bradford Interchange – Tong Upper School
A47 Barkerend Road bottom – Tong Upper School
A48 Tong Upper School – Bradford Interchange
A49 Smiddles Lane – Tong Upper School
A52 The Samuel Lister Academy – Manningham Lane
A56 Bradford Westgate – The Samuel Lister Academy
A60 Greengates – Beckfoot School
A61 Wrose Westfield Lane – Beckfoot School
A63 Toller Lane – Beckfoot School
A66 Manningham Lane Oak Lane – Beckfoot School
A67 Wrose Westfield Lane – Beckfoot School
A80 Clayton Fields Works – Dixons Allerton Academy
A81 Dixons Allerton Academy – Toller Lane Fairbank Road
A86 Appleton Academy – Bradford Interchange
B1 Thornton Grammar School – St. Bede’s R C School
B2 Odsal – St. Bedes R C Upper School
B4 Killinghall Road Leeds Old Road – St. Bede’s School
B5 Cottingley – St. Bede’s R C Upper School
B6 Greengates Ashfield Road – St. Bede’s R C School
B7 Thornton Grammar School – St. Josephs College
B8 Huddersfield Road – St. Josephs R. C. College
B12 Odsal – St. Bede’s R C Upper School
B14 Greengates Ashfield Road – St. Josephs College
B15 Killinghall Road Leeds Old Rd – St. Josephs College
B18 Wibsey St. Helena Road – St. Josephs College
B22 Buttershaw – St. Bedes R C Upper School
B23 Clayton – St. Josephs R C College
B25 Buttershaw – St. Josephs R C College
B48 Wilsden Main Street – Beckfoot Upper School

The First Bradford Depot on Bowling Back Lane will be closed to customers meaning lost property will be inaccessible and change vouchers can’t be reimbursed on the two days.

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  1. Angela Elwood says:

    On Monday I have a Hospital appointment at the BRI, can you tell me how am I supposed to get there with no buses running, I am disabled, on crutches so I cannot exactly walk there as I live a fair distance from the Hospital. Are First Bus going to pay for a taxi to and from the Hospital because I do not have transport, I am off sick from work and on sick pay, so I cannot fork out taxi fare because the bus drivers are striking and when all is said and done it is not my fault they are striking.

    • jamesslater says:

      I’m afraid it’ll have to be by taxi. They are trying to run some service to BRI but how certain this is we won’t know til Monday.

    • Susan Wright says:

      I think that if you contact the hospital they will reimburse you for the cost of the taxi, because it’s exceptional circumstances and you have no other way to get there, but I think you will have to pay for the taxi first and get a receipt then you should be able to claim the money back. I hope this helps

      • Angela Elwood says:

        Thank you I will contact the hospital on Monday, I know they used to reimburse bus fares for people on benefits but not sure about taxi fares because I do work, but it’s worth a try. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

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