How will the change affect me?

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On 21st July 2014, The Local Leader will become a business in its own right with James Slater and Megan Carson as the joint owners. But how will this affect you?

From November 2011 to July 2014, The Local Leader Magazine has been an enterprise project run financially through Titus Salt School. All profits which have come in to the project have been shared towards The Lord Mayor of Bradford’s Appeal and towards investing in future projects, like ours, to start up in the future. But in July 2014, the business ownership will change to being a full time business run and managed by James Slater and Megan Carson.


The magazine will not change much for readers. The magazine itself will have better content inside which will continue to be proof read by Lisa Firth, our Features Editor. The only thing which will change is the frequency of the magazine which will now go to one edition every two months. This is subject to change but will mean edition releases are planned at the moment from July 2014 as: July, September, November, January, March, May each year. Also, we will be introducing a postal service so for £10 a year (to UK addresses) all copies of the magazine can be posted out to you.


Most of the things which will change for businesses is that the way you pay will change. Instead of paying by either cheque or bank transfer to Titus Salt School, you will now do it to our magazine bank account. And the opportunity to pay in cash will remain. We will also now have an accessible office in the heart on Shipley at 28 Commercial Street (inside Tuliptoppers Craft Shop), BD18 3SP. Once again, as with readers, the main change will be the regularity of the magazines as this is shifting to every two months.


If you have any questions about how the change will affect you, to advertise in a future edition or for any other magazine related comments, please go to our Contact Us page or email

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