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New feline faces are a common sight for the cats of Allerton Cat Rescue: new friends to be made – or in some case foes – and companions to be played with. But for one particular group of cats, change is a sad part of their lives.

When families come to pick out their new furry pal, they go for the cutest, the fluffiest, and the most adaptable with young children, and the ones who are most likely to be found on the prettiest of postcards.

Very rarely do they choose the cats whose primes have long passed; the cats who aren’t quite looking their best any longer, have acquired a lifetime of physical evidence of lives lived and abandonment/abuse sustained. For a lot of these cats, as soon as put step their paws through the door of our rescue centre, this is their home for the rest of their lives.


They won’t be offered a warm blanket by a fireplace, a lap to curl up on or a human they get to call their own. This is the best that they will ever have. When our rescue was founded over 40 years ago, we made a pledge to our animals that we would find them homes to call their own and they would no longer have to dwell on their previous lives.

Sadly, sometimes this is a pledge we are forced to break when they take their last aged breaths under our roof, surrounded by friends who will live to see the joy of being chosen among so many others. Could you find it in your heart to be a long-term fosterer for these aged souls as they count down their last few months/years, offering them the love they never knew until they were handed to us?

If you would like to see the collection of “golden oldies” we have acquired, please visit our Facebook Senior Cats folder at the following URL:

Our mailing address is 258 Allerton Road, Allerton, Bradford. BD15 7QX and our contact number is 01274 481984.

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