Allerton Cat Rescue: March 2013 update

| March 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

On the doorstep in a mouldy cardboard box. Cramped together with its siblings in a cat basket placed in a skip. Locked in an outside lavatory as the owners moved out. These are just a couple of methods people have used to rid themselves of the animals they no longer wished to care for.

These are just the ones that we managed to save. Not every cat will be as lucky. But some are lucky enough to be found by those willing to offer them a second chance.

At Allerton Cat Rescue we provide a home for animals that have been callously dumped, abandoned and otherwise relieved of their families through no fault of their own. Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that our furry charges have food to fill their bellies. Water to quench their thirst. Blankets and beds to keep them warm and comfortable. Without regular donations we would be unable to provide for these basic needs as more and more lost souls find their way to us.

We can’t help all cats in need. We only wish that we could. But donations of money, items to sell, food and blankets will ensure that those in our care need not feel the loss of their family. Because at Allerton Cat Rescue, until they are chosen they are our family.

Donations can be dropped off at:

Allerton Cat Rescue, 258 Allerton Road, Allerton, Bradford, BD15 7QX

Email, or come and find us on Facebook for regular updates.

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